PNAS 440

Network Attached Storage
  • Main Feature
  • 12 Bays network attached storage
  • Annapurna AL314 quad core up to 1.7GHz
  • DDR3-1866 ECC memory
  • 12 Bays 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch HDD/SSD, total capacity: 12-120TB,
  • 10Gbase-T RJ45 port x 2
  • 1Gbase-T RJ45 port x 2
  • 1+1 Redundant power supply
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This product is required as a high performance and improved reliability model of rackmount NAS. High performance: 2 ports of 10GbE support port trunk. Expansion memory enhances performance on speed and stability. Support ECC memory. Designed for distributed enterprise, and equipped with redundant power supplies, PSNA 440 provide a reliable and ultra-high performance network attached storage solution to centralize data protection and data management, and deploy high availability storage equipped 10G-bit Ethernet and i-scsi technology.

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