IoT Gateway

The Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and cloud open up various smart applications from smart homes, smart factories, smart cities, to homeland security and disaster prevention and management, which are all concerned with the quality of life and the safety of property. Prepared for the IoT era, NEXCOM has centered on IoT gateways. In terms of product design, NEXCOM focuses on power efficiency, integrated sensing technologies, IoT protocols, and seamless cloud integration.

Product Model Name OS Module Support LAN/COM/mPCIe Power
2999a17a-5f95-45b0-bb9b-bb7ad5783c44 NIO 101 Wind River®
NIO 100 series
WIFI module Kit/
0~70 (PN:10T00010003X0)
NIO 100 series
3G module Kit
mini PCIe (PN:10T00010001X0)
2/1/2 9~36V
0eae0c56-11b7-4834-8890-ff440301c7cb NMCB101C RT O/S - 1/1/1 5V DC
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