Industrial Integrated Solution Robot Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance
  • Main Feature
  • AI Inside for automatically diagnose
  • Automatic diagnose in 24/7
  • Application target: DELTA, SCARA, articulated robot
  • Easy installation setup
  • One-to-one installation
  • IoT connective
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Predictive diagnostic maintenance is the last mile of industrial IoT. PDM300-RBT built with AI inside for automatically diagnose; it is one-to-one easy installation and suitable for DELTA, SCARA, Articulated Robot. Eliminated the support from an expert, PDM300-RBT measures the similarity, dynamic frequency and action threshold of the robot movement and predictive potential risk ahead. PDM300-RBT not only helps to reduce the downtime and net loss of production but also help to well management the IoT industrial production line.

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