iAT2000 Starter Kit

iAT2000 - Cloud SCADA and Control
  • Main Feature
  • Independent box: all-in-one design
  • Multiple fieldbus communication
  • Flexible interlocking process
  • Local monitoring : web SCADA
  • Cloud data analysis: cloud SCADA & edge server w/ IIoT studio
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Are you looking for a system which integrates different brands of PLC or I/O devices and different protocols into SCADA, even to Cloud SCADA? Or are you looking for a solution that gives you flexible control schemes to factory process, and also meets the Industry 4.0 needs?


The iAT2000 starter kit is the cloud-based automation control system which provides a visible, all-in-one solution to make factory process more efficient and productive. The architecture of iAT2000 is open but highly integrated. Each system components are utilized with NEXCOM technologies to achieve OT/IT convergence. With the comprehensive support lists of device I/O, PC-based controller, HMI, web SCADA to cloud SCADA, iAT2000 starter kit truly helps to users to save time and cost for OT/IT integration. Each independent pack installs one PC-based controller for controlling one particular factory process, and support interlocking mechanism for managing process flow. The process flow and status can be closely monitored or adjusted via web SCADA and cloud SCADA.

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