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Medical & Healthcare Informatics

Toward a better world of connected things, NEXCOM Medical & Healthcare Informatics (MHI) Business Unit aims at developing total solutions for vertical IoT applications and medical informatics applications in the health sector. The business unit offers one-stop services covering hardware, software, and integration service.

Embedded Boards
HealthCare & Medical
  • HealthCare & Medical products allow the public to easily track physiological data on a regular basis, support paperless data collocation, and provide medical staff with data analysis results to offer patients health advice.

  • Mobile HealthKiosk
IoT Gateway
  • The Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and cloud open up various smart applications from smart homes, smart factories, smart cities, to homeland security and disaster prevention and management, which are all concerned with the quality of life and the safety of property. Prepared for the IoT era, NEXCOM has centered on IoT gateways. In terms of product design, NEXCOM focuses on power efficiency, integrated sensing technologies, IoT protocols, and seamless cloud integration.

  • NIO 101 NMCB101C
Software Package
  • To expedite IoT innovations, NEXCOM adopts the principles of the sharing economy by making relevant software tools freely available to download through an open developer platform and online marketplace backed by a complete supply chain. Developers and makers alike can tap into a pool of collective wisdom and expertise to further accelerate IoT growth. To download free software or exchange knowledge and ideas, please visit www.alliotcloud.com. For the rapid implementation of total IoT solutions with reduced development efforts, please contact NEXCOM for the professional versions of software tools.

  • ToGazer 2.0
Vertical Applications
Video Conference System
  • Designed to meet different meeting demands, NEXCOM develops a series of video conferencing systems to host multiple group meeting of all sizes at the same time. Perfectly compatible with ToGazer, NEXCOM’s WebRTC-based video conferencing tool, NEXCOM’s video conferencing systems can be used for interactive distance learning, family reunion, customer service, community interaction, and more.

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