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RMA/DOA Online Services

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Welcome to NEXCOM web-based eRMA system. This eRMA website has complete online technical support and full functionality of RMA services, which is available 24/7 to serve all of your technical and RMA needs. You can conveniently access the eRMA website from anywhere with Internet access to request RMA Number, track RMA Status, and even check the product warranty information instantly.

You can request an RMA number online in our RMA center. Prior to submitting an RMA request, please note:
  1. Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible to enable us to provide you with the best possible service.
  2. NEXCOM RMA Service Form shall be enclosed with the returned package. Item(s) returned without an RMA number will be shipped back to the customer at his/her own expense.
  3. You may send back the defective products with or without accessories (manuals, cable, etc.) and any unnecessary components from the card, such as CPU and DRAM. If the components were suspected as part of the problems, please clearly denote the problematic components. Otherwise, NEXCOM will not be responsible for the devices/parts.
  4. The customer is responsible for the proper packaging of RAM returns. All warranties will be void on items that are insufficiently or inaccurately packaged.
  5. If the product has been abused, improperly used, or altered without authorization, the RMA number will be voided automatically. The merchandise will then be returned to customer at his/her own expense.
  6. Any items returned by NEXCOM to a different location beside the customer's site will bear extra charge at the customer's expense.
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