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Computer-on-Modules (CCC)

The success of COM (Computer-on-Modules) design-in project depends on intensive technical support. By offering a series of Starter Kit and professional assistance at every step of the product development lifecycle, NEXCOM Computer-on-Module Competence Center Service (CCC Service) can make every design-in a design-win.


Starter Kit

The CCC Service provides clients full engineering design support, no matter if they have their own carrier board or design expertise. To gain a head start, the CCC Service has prepared the COM Starter Kit to help clients evaluate and verify full computing capability, peripheral and communication interfaces of the selected NEXCOM COM Express modules. Along with complete design reference documentation and expert advice from NEXCOM engineers, clients can simply customize a reference carrier board to application needs while ensuring the changes are both practical and feasible.

Computer-on-Modules Competence Center COM Application COM Technology Customization to Order Service Design-Win Service

Computer-on-Modules ServicesGoing beyond to system level, the CCC Service further takes part in on-site co-debugging, thermal and environmental validation and the following mass production. In addition, COM Express board products are offered with value-added features and extended warranty so that systems can operate in even harsh operating environments.


By providing full tech support at every step of COM Express solution development cycle, the CCC service ensures end systems built on NEXCOM COM Express modules operate the way they are designed to. As a result, clients can easily speed COM Express solutions to market while reaping the benefit of future-proof COM Express architecture.


NEXCOM CCC service is Key to Make Your Embedded Dreams Work !


NEXCOM's Computer-on-Modules Competence Center (CCC) is designed to assist customers the necessary assistance during their carrier board development cycle . The streamline service is line-up from early project spec-in phase to Mass production phase.


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