RCS 200

Compact Solutions for Small Payload Robot
  • Main Feature
  • Compact size
  • Suitable for small payload robot
  • Wide range motor supported
  • Provide PoE for machine vision application
  • Integrated with NexCOBOT robotic controller: NexGRC/NexARC
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NexCOBOT Robot Control System (RCS) ensures simple and powerful robotic automation. RCS adapt NexCOBOT intelligent PC-based robotic controller and integrates with NexCOBOT’s robotic control software, NexGRC/NexARC, is an efficient and flexible robotic control system. RCS is designed for small payload robot such as articulated robot (6 axis & 7 axis), SCARA robot and Delta robot. RCS support several different brand motor which allows user have more flexibility for their own robot solution. RCS also provide EtherCAT port and PoE port for user to connect to EtherCAT slaves and machine vision devices, let the robot system easily to extend axis control and integrate with machine visioin application.

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