EtherCAT General Motion Controller
  • Main Feature
  • Motion control up to 64 axes
  • Single axes control: PTP/ Jog/ Halt/ Stop
  • Provide single axis blending and override functions
  • Support common robot type for axes group control
  • Axes group control: PTP/ Linear/ 2D Arc/ 3D Arc
  • Equip with NexECM, class A EtherCAT master
  • Support standard EtherCAT slaves
  • Support C\C++,C# and VB.Net for user programming
  • IDE for configuration EtherCAT devices and motion devices
  • Intel® Celeron® processor J1900 Quad Cord 2.0GHz
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NET 200-GMC presents intelligent PC-Based motion controller for machine automation. It integrates NEXCOM’s general motion control software, NexGMC, to perform real-time motion control and supports standard EtherCAT slaves. NET 200-GMC also provides windows APIs for general motion control application and an integrated development environment to speed up development time for automation users.


Beside general motion control, NET 200-GMC has high integration ability with two optional mini-PCIe modules and tow COM ports, which makes it a flexible controller to connect with optional GbE LAN, Wi-Fi, 3.5G/4G LTE module or other fieldbus devices. With the provided features, NET 200-GMC is an ideal controller for your machine control system.

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