Bridge the Last Mile Connection to the Cloud
Infuse Intelligence and Fun into Connected Cars
Economical Vehicle Mount Computer Simplifies Fleet Operations
  • Enhance Surgeon Precision with 4K Ultra-HD
  • NEXCOM IoT Controller Solution Brings Intelligence to Manufacturing
  • Formosa Plastics Wins with Open Intel® Architecture and Scalable Roadmap
  • NEXCOM Consolidates Vending, Advertisement & e-Commerce onto Intelligent Vending Machines
  • PC-Based Automation Systems Empower the All IP-based Factory
  • Industrial Wi-Fi Infrastructure in High-Temperature Steel & Iron Factory
  • Intelligent Embedded Computers Lead the Way for Life Automation
  • Taiwan's Open Architecture Machine Tools Rise Up for Industry 4.0 Opportunity
  • IP-Based Fieldbus Holds the Key to Smart Factory of Industry 4.0
Intelligent System Service  
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