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Design-Win Support

As an expert in Computer on Module (COM) development, NEXCOM commits to focus on the competence of COM solution and design support in order to assist the customers successful adoption. There are three adoption models in general:


NEXCOM's COM + Customer Designed Carrier Board (MTOS) NEXCOM's COM + Existing Base Board (MTOS) NEXCOM's COM + Customer's Designed Base Board (CTOS)
Computer-on-Module Services Computer-on-Module Services Computer-on-Module Services
Computer-on-Module Services
  Spec-In Support   Design-In Assistance   Validation Service   Value Added Services  

COM Selection
Starter Kit
- Design Gudie
- CRB's Schematic
- ME Drawing
- QVL List


Schematic Review
Placement/Layout Review
Design Trainging
Customized BIOS
eOS Customization


Thermal Validation
Environmental Validation
Compatibility Test
Design Database


Wide Temperature
Conformal Coating
Extended Warrantee
Global Marketing

Computer-on-Module Services


NEXCOM's COM solution + Customer Existing Carrier Board

To upgrade existing solution performance or to look for better service, Customer can select NEXCOM full range off-the-shelf COM solution per the need of CPU performance and memory module for their existing carrier board. NEXCOM's Design-win support mechanism will assist for a successful transformation.

NEXCOM's COM solution + Customer's Design Carrier Board

For the new solution development, to focus on their own domain know-how, customer may want to design in house from scratch for their own carrier board, they can still leverage NEXCOM existing, off-the-shelf COM solution in order to offload the design effort of CPU module. NEXCOM's design-win support mechanism will offer Design-in Assistance to ensure customer carrier board work perfectly through schematic review and Reference carrier design and other needed engineering assistance.

NEXCOM's COM Solution + NEXCOM Designed Carrier Board

To reducing engineering effort and investment for customers, NEXCOM can also offer customer one-stop customization to order service (CTOS) for carrier board design per customer request based on NEXCOM existing, off-the-shelf COM solution while still keeping scalable , expandable, flexible benefit.


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