eOS customization

Besides Hardware platform development design support, Embedded OS (eOS ) support is also NEXCOM added service based on the concept of Application –Ready Platform (ARP).


Windows Embedded PartnerAs strong partnership with Microsoft, NEXCOM's eOS covers most updated Windows embedded (WES & Windows Compact), moreover, NEXCOM also has deep experience in Real OS support in RTX, QNX and VxWorks. Of course, Linux based solution is also covered.


The eOS service scope is not only to offer complete target OS Board Support Package (BSP), but also assist customer in their apps migration. NEXCOM' dedicated Eos team also offer customization service for software API / driver fine-tuned to support particular customer application function. NEXCOM's Xcare is off-the-shelf platform utility for device management that is bundled with NEXCOM solution per request.

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