Wide Temperature Design Service

NEXCOM, Computer-on-Module Competence Center works as a team, we experienced our design- win projects for wider temperature operating projects. NEXCOM may share these critical components like capacitor, crystal generator and pre-selected active components as well as wide temperature design circuits of power supply level that our COM solution could be boot-up from -15 degree C, or lower to -25 degree C and special design for – 40 degree C.

Here are some of our design guidelines for wide- temperature design service

  • Preselects critical components for the wide temperature in the critical operating environment
  • Replace with wide-temp components for higher confidence
  • Some of critical parts have no wide- temperature support like Intel® BGA type CPU processors, due to its nature of quality and well reputation, they could be screened as 100% sorting during production testing.


For detail of extended temperature design service links to

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