IoT Studio

IoT Studio, powere by Node.js and IBM Node-RED, is a web-based configuration tool to spur developers to swiftly build up IoT applications with simple clicks, drags, and drops of the integral functions or the ideas of innovation can come true sooner and the inventions can spread wider.
  • Main Feature
  • Ready-to-use IoT gateway to accelerate IoT project deployment
  • Easy connectivity via IoT studio, drag-and-drop managing data flow
  • Open architecture support both Windows-based and Yocto-based IoT gateway
  • One-click deployment from gateway to cloud
  • Cloud SCADA presentation
  • Real-time information response
  • Support Modbus/RTC and Modbus/TCP master, OPC-UA client for field devices/controller data concentration
  • Connect to cloud securely with verified MQTT and AMQP nodes
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Modbus TCP/UDP Description: Get the registers and status with the Modbus protocol Node:
- Modbus-tcp read/write
- Modbus-RTU read/write
OPC UA Client Description: Interact with an OPC-UA server Node:
- OPC UA item
- OPC UA client
- OPC UA broswer
Config Description: Deploy dashboard to cloud Node:
- Azure config
- CDS config
Data Process Description: Process or encrypt/decrypt data from buffering Node: Merge, boundary, critical section begin/end, H/W info, cypher
Input Description: Prompt for user input from network or serial port Node: Inject, catch, status, link, MQTT, http, websocket, watch, TCP, UDP, e-mail, serial
Output Description: Expose the data from service or debug message Node: Debug, link, MQTT, http response, websocket, TCP, UDP, e-mail, serial
Function Node: Exec, function, template, delay, trigger, comment, http request, TCP request, switch, change, range, split, join, csv, html, json, xml. yaml, aws thing
Storage Description: Read/write the file or iot datasource Node: File in, file out, tail in, IoT datasource
Cloud Description: Provides cloud service Node: Azure iot event hub, Azure IoT Hub, Azure iot hub send, AWS mqtt in/out, Watson IoT in/out, ibmiot in/out
Support OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32-bit/64-bit HyperX
Others IoT Studio configuration utility in Windows version InstallShield supported. (English/Tradition Chinese/Simple Chinese)
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