Industrial 4.0
  • Main Feature
  • Configure server
    - NexUA OPC UA standard server
    - MQTT server
  • Build up data flow
    - IoT studio
    - Support varies protocols
  • Create dashboard
    - Local dashboard
    - One click to deploy to Azure dashboard
  • Control panel
    - Container management
    - Resource management
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HiveX system consists of Control Panel, IoT Studio, Dashboard, Container Management, and NexUA Server. The new IoT Studio provides numerous dashboard nodes from D3/NVD3 for designing interactive dashboards. The One Click to Deploy Azure Cloud node from IoT Studio 2.0 can help users to deploy the local dashboard to the Azure Cloud seamlessly. The NexUA: OPC UA Standard Server provides a secure and reliable service for OPC UA clients to access HMI or PLC data by subscribing to tags to receive real-time updates. With HiveX, customers can use the Web UI of Docker Management to easily perform tasks such as allocating IO resources to containers exclusively for resource management, assigning a specific CPU number for containers and quota configuration for memory.


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