Industrial 4.0
  • Main Feature
  • Configure server
    - NexUA OPC UA standard server
    - MQTT server
  • Build up data flow
    - IoT studio
    - Support varies protocols
  • Create dashboard
    - Local dashboard
    - One click to deploy to Azure dashboard
  • Control panel
    - Container management
    - Resource management
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IoT Studio Modbus TCP/RTU Commander
Description: Get the registers and status with the Modbus protocol
Node: Modbus TCP/RTU commander
OPC UA Client
Description: Interact with an OpcUa server
Node: OpcUa Client, OpcUa Item, OpcUa Browser, OpcUa Event
Nex OCD Azure Config
Description: Deploy dashboard to Azure cloud
Node: Nexazureconfig
Description: Dashboard templates
Node: D3/NVD3…
Dashboard Editor
Description: Dashboard editing tool
Node: Editor
Description: Provides Azure service
Node: Azure IoT event hub, Azure IoT hub, Azure IoT hub send
Description: Read/write memory of Mitsubishi PLC by TCP proto-col
Node: Mitsubishi TCP
Siemens S7
Description: Read/write memory of SiemensS7 PLC
Node: Sie-mens S7 read, Siemens S7 write
NexUA Server Status:
List current server information
Configurable server operations, there are start/stop and restart the server
Endpoints (UA TCP protocols, HTTPS protocols):
Customizable network paths and port numbers
Configurable security modes
- Supports configurations including Anonymous, username/password, and encrypted username/password
- Configurable security policies
- Supports Basic128Rsa15/Basic256/Basic256Sha256
Manageable user access control
Configurable user verification options
Supports Windows logon users
Supports authenticate with certification, Supports anonymous user
Node Config:
Supports alarm notification
Supports historical data logging
To start or stop historical data logging
Import/Export server's address space to/from XML file
Product key activation
Login password update
Support OS & Hardware Matrix Gateway: NIFE 103, NIFE 200, NISE 50, NISE 50W, NISE 107 Edge Server: NISE 3800, CPS 100, CPS 200
HiveX Features Web Base Graphical User Interface:
System information
Package manager - install/delete
Network configuration for LAN/Wi-Fi/WWAN
Services management – enable/disable
User management for profiles, roles and accounts
Industrial Service:
Mosquito MQTT Broker, SAMBA, Apache, MYSQL…
Docker Management:
Docker Engine SDK for Python
Web UI of Docker management
IO resource exclusive among containers
Assign specific CPU number for containers
Quota configuration for memory
Docker store
IoT Studio:
Industrial flow editor
OPC UA Standard Server
Microsoft Azure:
IoT Edge ready, IoT Hub, Web service, one click deploy dashboard
Microsoft Azure Cloud Service IoT Hub:
Connect to IoT Studio per AMQP protocol
Keeps up to date status of all connected IoT Studio
Device messages are sent in a durable way that accommodates intermittently connected devices
App Service & Web Apps:
The Cloud dashboard is fully Synchronize with OT layer dashboard, it is running in Azure app service, so it can interact with your local gateway or ERP/MES in ever more sophisticated ways
IoT Hub Edition Type: S1 Message/Day: 400,000 Message Meter Size: 4 KB Price Per Unit/M: $25 App Service & Web Apps INSTANCE: S1 Cores: 1 RAM: 1.75 GB Storage: 50 GB Prices/M: $72
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