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July 17, 2012

Tiny Reliable ARM-based Signage Appliance Is Capable Yet Energy-Efficient

Tiny reliable RISC-based Signage Appliance Is Capable Yet Energy-Efficient

Combining an ARM-based hardware with preconfigured digital signage software, the tiny PDSB 102 is the perfect, feature-rich signage appliance for the applications subject to tight power and cost constrains. Dynamic full HD 1080P videos, multi-zone playback, content scheduling, remote updates, management tools, and web-based user interface are all supported by this ready-to-use signage appliance. Based on the RISC architecture, PDSB 102 draws only a little power but is capable of handling complex graphics and video contents whilst keeping energy consumption to an absolute minimum.


PDSB 102 based on TI DaVinci™ digital media processor, which integrates DSP, graphics and video accelerators, supports full HD 1080P video playback and two HDMI displays. With the pre-installed digital signage software PowerDigiS, PDSB 102 allows for the predominant multimedia formats, up to six zones in one layout, and clone and extended display modes. By using the combination of contents in various forms, user-defined layouts, and two displays, all information can be showed in a well-organized manner.

Main Features

  • Powerful ARM Cortex-A8 MPU
  • Preconfigured digital signage software
  • Reliable fanless design
  • Hardware accelerated HD video decoder and graphics controller
  • Dual independent HDMI display outputs
  • Expandable storage capacity by microSD socket or SATA port
  • Optional TV tuner or WLAN module
  • Rich multimedia contents playback
  • User-defined multi-zone screen layout
  • User-defined content program
  • User-defined program scheduling
  • User-defined daily on/off schedule

Ordering Information

PDSB 102 (P/N: 10B00B10200X0)

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