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April 11, 2012

Small 1080P Signage Player Provides Great Graphics Performance

NEXCOM's NDiS 127 is a fanless 1080P Signage Player which is powered by AMD's Embedded G-Series T56N APU to achieve new levels of graphics performance with exceedingly low power consumption. As such, the NDiS 127 is ideal solution for a broad spectrum of graphic intensive Digital Signage applications within retail, commerce, education, health care and entertainment; including menu board, informative kiosk and point of sale system.

1080P media player, Digital Signage Player - NDiS 127

In the rapidly expanding Digital Signage market, the graphics performance of the Signage Player is extremely important for the users, especially those looking to display vibrant, HD content. To address these applications, NDiS 127 runs on AMD Embedded G-Series APU T56N 1.65 GHz dual core processor with AMD Radeon™ HD6320 integrated graphics engine that can support DirectX® 11. With combined architecture of CPU and GPU, NDiS 127 can efficiently allocate processing resources to handle graphics in a fast, sophisticated fashion.


Network managers can deploy the NDiS 127 to run 3D animation, TV programs and videos. The player is able to play 1080P contents simultaneously on two separate displays without the nuisance of low frame rates, graphics error, or excessive loading time. It can improve visual communications helping retailers draw public attention and better delivering message like product details, menus, and promotions.


NDiS127 eSATA Storage ExpansionAMD's new Embedded G-Series T56N APU features a space-saving integrated GPU and CPU which enabled NEXCOM to fit a multitude of I/O interfaces into the NDiS 127's ultra compact (185mm long, 48.4mm high, and 147mm deep) chassis. The 1080P signage player houses one 2.5" HDD, one VGA port, one HDMI port, one mini PCIe slot for eSATA storage expansion, one half mini PCIe for WLAN connection, four USB ports and one serial port.


With ample extension options, the 1080P signage player can be configured to satisfy different demands. It can broadcast TV programs and connect to the internet. It can be controlled remotely via network or via USB port when internet connection is not available. Content update and system upgrade can be conducted in an efficient manner.


In addition, NDiS 127 gives users an easy way to access the player without having to tear the wall down. The storage unit screw fixed in the front can be easily replaced if hard drive fails or to increase capacity, and removing a cover on the bottom panel will reveal the mini PCIe slot. The mechanical design makes maintenance easy especially if NDiS 127 is mounted on a display or embedded in a system. The design will also prevent premature failure caused by improper repairs or negligence maintenance.

Main Feature

  • AMD Embedded G-Series APU T56N Dual Core Processor
  • AMD Radeon™ HD6320 Integrated Graphics Engine
  • Support DirectX® 11
  • Compact and Fanless Design
  • Mini-PCIe (x1) solt for WLAN

Ordering Information

NDiS127 (P/N: 10W00012700X0)

AMD Embedded G-Series APU T56N Dual Core Processor, AMD AE55 Controller Hub

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