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February 13, 2019

Robot Control System (RCS) Ensures Open and Modularized Robotic Automation

NexCOBOT Robot Control System (RCS) ensures open and modularized robotic automation. It adapts NexCOBOT intelligent PC-based robotic controller and integrates with NexCOBOT’s robotic control software, NexGRC or NexARC. RCS is designed for small payload robots such as articulated robots (6-axis & 7-axis), SCARA robots, and Delta robots. RCS supports different brands of motors and drives which allows users to have more flexibility for their own robotic solutions. Users can also use RCS’s EtherCAT port and PoE port to extend the axis control and integrate machine vision devices.





RCS 100

RCS 200

Dimensions (W x H x D)

300 x 270 x 300 mm

480 x 270 x 460 mm


6th Gen Celeron® G3900

6th Gen Celeron® G3900

Number of axes

7 axis (200W*3+100W*2+50W*2)

6 axis (Max 750 W*6)
7 axis {option} (Max 750 W*7)
8 axis {option} (Max 750 W*8)

Supported motors

Sanyo Denki 48 VDC servo

Tamagawa AC servo
Sanyo Denki AC servo (option)

Supported encoder

DI module (sink/source)


Rated supply voltage

120V to 240V AC

240V AC

Protection rating




RCB100 Series

RCB 100 robot controller provides robot control functionalities integrated with NexGRC, and rich I/Os such as 2 x I210 LAN port for EtherCAT communication, 1 x VGA port to connect to teach pendant, and 2 x USB 2.0 for software license dongle. RCB 100 also comes with isolated digital I/O for multiple usages and PoE port to connect to Industrial cameras.




Main Features

  • Mini-ITX form factor
  • 6th Gen Core™ i7/i5/i3 and Intel® Celeron®
  • Internal USB for software license dongle
  • Optional digital isolated I/O
  • PoE for machine vision application
  • Internal VGA for teach pendant


RCB 100

RCB 100-GRC300

RCB 100-GRC600

MiniITX Intel® 6th-Gen Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron® board

MiniITX Controller for SCARA Robot

MiniITX General Robot Controller

P/N: 10J200RCB00X0



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