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December 05, 2013

Outdoor Wi-Fi Point-to-Point Boosts Wi-Fi Speeds and Range for Wireless Backhaul

NEXCOM IWF 5320P is a 5GHz outdoor Wi-Fi point-to-point aimed to provide fast and long range wireless backhaul between central and remote sites. Featuring up to 600MBps speed, traffic priority setting, enterprise-grade data security, and rugged design, the IWF 5320P is ideal for use as a wireless backhaul for highway, critical infrastructure, and remote areas.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Point-to-Point Boosts Wi-Fi Speeds and Range for Wireless Backhaul


The outdoor Wi-Fi point-to-point IWF 5320P features multiple-in multiple-out (MIMO) technology and dual radio frequencies and can combine the bandwidth of each channel to achieve 600Mbps data rate. With the high gain panel directional antenna, the IWF 5320P can extend the Wi-Fi coverage to 5km and maintain a speed of 200Mbps. Therefore, the IWF 5320P can help users quickly deploy a backhaul to allow for fast data transmission over long distance while avoiding the need and cost of leased line.


In addition, the IWF 5320P with Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) function can help optimize quality of service (QoS) by allowing users to prioritize voice, video, best effort, and background traffic based on 802.11e classification. Also, the IWF 5320P provides enterprise-grade WPA2 256-bit AES encryption to protect data, for instance, important indicators or surveillance footage collected from a dam, against being tempered during transmission.


Designed for use in the open air, the outdoor Wi-Fi IWF 5320P is encased in an IP68-rated metal chassis, and the conformal coating is applied to the electronics circuits to ensure the outdoor Wi-Fi point-to-point functions effectively when exposed to water, dust and temperature extremes. Also, the optional surge arrestor is available to protect the IWF 5320P against lightning strikes.

Main Features

  • Dual RF IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n aggregation, MIMO architecture and proprietary technology for up to 600 Mbps data rates
  • 20dBi MIMO antenna for 200 Mbps at 5KM distance
  • IP68 die-casting housing and PCBA with conformal coating
  • Supports IEEE 802.11e WMM
  • Enterprise-grade security with 256 bit AES data encryption
  • Simple installation for reduced time and cost of deployment
  • GbE WAN port with IEEE 802.3af PoE and one GbE LAN port

Ordering Information

IWF 5320P-EU (P/N: 10T00532003X0)

IWF 5320P-US (P/N: 10T00532005X0)

Wireless Accessories

Arrester FT-RF: AR-0NM0NF06-NI (P/N: 7A00000066X00)
Dual Polarization-Directional 20dBi Antenna for 5GHz(P/N: 603ANT0012X00)
Low Loss Cable, FT-RF: CA-F400NM0NM001M (P/N: 6023300109X00)
Low Loss Cable, FT-RF: CA-F400NM0NM002M (P/N: 6023300110X00)

Pack Program

IWF 5320P-EU P2P Pack (P/N: 10T00532007X0)
IWF 5320P-US P2P Pack (P/N: 10T00532006X0)

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