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September 16, 2014

NEXCOM Won Intel’s Technology Innovation Accelerated Award at IDF14

NEXCOM NSA 7130 Makes Performance and Green Pushes on Network SecurityNEXCOM has won Intel’s Technology Innovation Accelerated (TIA) Award in the Industrial Solution category at the 2014 Intel Developer Forum (IDF14). Outshining its competitors, NEXCOM is the only Taiwan-based company winning the award and is honored for its NIO 100 industrial Internet of Things (IoT) gateway. The award-winning NIO 100 industrial IoT gateway is based on Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things (Intel® Gateway Solutions for IoT) and integrates Intel® Quark technology. The NIO 100 industrial IoT gateway can address the need of industrial applications, helping the industrial sector embark on a new chapter for industrial IoT.


To accelerate the proliferation of industrial IoT, the NIO 100 industrial IoT gateway is specially developed to bridge the communication gap between the operation domain and the enterprise domain. Featuring Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000 and fieldbus networking capability, the NIO 100 can consolidate and perform preliminary analysis on the field data collected from field devices—including programmable logic controllers (PLC) and remote I/Os—via serial protocols. In addition, the data can be transferred to an upper layer of industrial control network via Modbus TCP links for big data analytics.


To facilitate the management of the industrial IoT gateway, the NIO 100 is equipped with SMS alert function and remote management NEXCOM Xcare™ 3.0 suite. The NIO 100 can monitor field devices and alert factory staff to a situation using text messages and the built-in NEXCOM Xcare™ 3.0 suite provides remote monitoring, configuration, and recovery of the NIO 100.


NEXCOM also demonstrated the NIFE 100 IoT controller solution. Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor E3826, the solution integrates Intel Gateway Solutions for the IoT, Rockwell* PLCs, InduSoft* SCADA software, and Microsoft* OPC Server software to give a live demonstration of the control. The IoT controller solution can accelerate data exchange and command passing-down, increasing manufacturing efficiency. The NIFE 100 can also take the field data to the cloud to provide insightful information for business decision makers. At the IDF14, NEXCOM’s NIFE 100 gave IDF14 visitors a chance to witness an innovative application that is almost ready for market, more than a blueprint design.


NEXCOM NIO 100 encompasses key attributes required for industrial IoT gateway. Combing its compact size and easy-to-use features, the NIO 100 has many application scenarios ranging from smart home in the home sector to building and facility management in the industrial sector. As an Associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solution Alliance, NEXCOM is proud of its TIA-winning NIO 100 and sees it as a joint effort of our partners. With strong pushes coming across industries for the adoption of industrial IoT, we can see significant progress in the foreseeable future.

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