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August 22, 2017

NEXCOM, Rising Star on Intelligent Robot Solution

NEXCOM International Co., Ltd, the leading intelligent system solution provider, joins "2017 Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show" at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F (NEXCOM booth: K116), is one of the important spotlights during this exhibition. NEXCOM has owned and developed on 6 main businesses: IoT Automation Solution (IAS), Intelligent Digital Security (IDS), Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Platform & Service (IPS), Mobile Computing Solutions (MCS), and Network and Communication Solutions (NCS).


NEXCOM, Rising Star on Intelligent Robot Solution


Established in 1992, NEXCOM has over 2 decades solid foundation in industrial computing experiences, gradually enlarged its businesses into 6 territories:

  • IoT Automation Solutions (IAS): Industry 4.0 solution, industrial robot & motion, industrial network, DMS 4.0
  • Intelligent Digital Security (IDS): IP Cam, NVR, mobile sever platform
  • Internet of Things (IoT):
    a. Internet of Things: Total solutions for vertical IoT applications
    b. Healthcare and medical informatics: Total solutions with a variety of medical IT systems
  • Intelligent Platform & Services (IPS): Smart retails, digital signage, interactive kiosk, customization services
  • Mobile Computing Solutions (MCS):
    a. Mobile Computing Solutions: Rugged computer devices, rugged mobile computer
    b. Vehicle Telematics Computer: Car PC, heavy duty vehicle, train PC
  • Network and Communication Solutions (NCS): Network security, HPC, telecommunication, storage, SDN/NFV, industrial security


In order to serve worldwide customers, NEXCOM also has 6 subsidiaries around the world: USA, UK, Italy, China, Taiwan and Japan, and the headquarter is located in Taipei. Regarding this show, IoT Automation Solution (IAS) business group is main host on behalf of NEXCOM.


The first significant event in these 4 days show is "Advanced 7 Axis Co-Robotic System" Launch ceremony at 10:30 am on Sep 7th, this robot system is co-developed by NEXCOM & Energid, which is the famous advanced software and robot systems provider from USA, and both CEOs will simultaneously turn on the power of the Advanced 7 Axis Co-Robotic System during the launch ceremony, this is the biggest and symbolic announcement that NEXCOM is able to provide advanced collaborative robotic intelligent system solution under the current climate of Industry 4.0, the big leap for NEXCOM on intelligent robot system solution.


IoT Automation Solution business group GM Joe Lin said, "As Taiwan government has concentrated on the relative industries transformation and upgrade, one of the 5 prime innovation policies is "Intelligent Machinery", in which robot is the one of key strategic points. Following the track, NEXCOM successfully developed Delta, SCARA, Articulated robots that widely have been applied in manufacturing and research institutes in recent years."


Nevertheless, by the crucial coordination and connection from TUSA (Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs), the matchmaker for technology corporations between Taiwan and USA, successfully matched NEXCOM with Energid based on mutual robot expertise and capabilities. NEXCOM combined with Energid, both accelerate the robot technology development and then grew into a strategic business partner relationship, "Advanced 7 Axis Co-Robotic System" is the important co-development outcome that attributes to intelligent robot technologies in "Intelligent Machinery".


Furthermore, there is "Robot Deep Learning Center" in NEXCOM booth, it is the educational articulated robot, the EtherCAT-based architecture enables scalability of the system to add/change servo drives & I/Os, nude robot body for easier understanding of mechanical design of 6 axis articulated robot. This robot arm is suitable for robot manipulator educational program, such as the courses for robot design and operations in colleges and universities.


Another remarkable solution in NEXCOM booth is "Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance to Safeguard DUPS System" for Semiconductor factories, that ensure the constant production in semiconductor factories during sudden power outage, and that 24/7 monitor and record the working operation status. As semiconductor manufacturing plants require continuous power supply to operate uninterrupted all the time, it's important to implement vibration analysis in a DUPS system aids to replace machine parts timely to ensure its continuous operation for manufacturing factories. This cutting-edge solution from NEXCOM is already available on the market, "We've already had several successful projects collaborated with Rockwell Automation (Automation software, component, service and solution provider, USA)" said NEXCOM Intelligent Systems VP David Lee. This exclusive solution is worthy of visiting, to see how NEXCOM makes a difference.


On the other hand, at the most perceptible corner, it is cloud-based automation control system "iAT2000" that provides a feasible, all-in-one solution to make factory process more efficient and effective, highly-integrated, each system components are utilized with NEXCOM exclusive technologies to achieve OT/IT convergence, this system greatly saves user's time and cost. The live demonstration in the booth is the whole operations and processes of a whisky factory that is interesting and easy to understand the "iAT2000" system, its each independent installs control factory process and manage process flow that can be closely monitored or adjusted by Web SCADA and Cloud SCADA. Another main exclusive function is that interlocking with different brand of PLC's protocol. Therefore, "iAT2000" is a complete essential system to learn and understand thoroughly current Industry 4.0 system mechanism, people will not miss this terrific system while visiting NEXCOM booth.

Event Details

Date:September 6-9, 2017
Exhibition Center: Taipei Nangang Exhbition Center, Hall 1, 1F

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