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January 27, 2016

eSMART HMIs Give Manufacturers A Firm Grasp of Manufacturing Status

NEXCOM HMI solution eSMART gives manufacturers a firm grasp of all production activities. Targeting factory automation applications, the eSMART solution offers rich function sets and simplified HMI design with the support for the HMI software JMobile Studio. The eSMART solution can visualize, control, and monitor machining processes and production line status, enabling manufacturers to stay on top of daily operations with real-time data at all times.


eSMART HMIs Give Manufacturers A Firm Grasp of Manufacturing Status

To present information, the eSMART solution is available with a 4.3-, 7-, and 10.1-inch 16:9 wide touchscreen and supports more than forty industrial communication protocols including EtherNet/IP CIP and OPC UA standards. The eSMART solution makes hassle-free integration with PLCs, CNCs, and control cabinets over COM, USB, and LAN connection for use in machine automation, process automation, and building automation applications.


To address different function requirements of individual HMIs, the eSMART solution enables fast creation and flexible design of application-specific features with the support of JMobile Studio. This HMI editor has a large library of symbols, widgets, and templates, and supports intuitive drag-and-drop operations and multiple languages—Eastern Asian languages included.


The eSMART solution then can run the created HMI, rendering a process in 3D simulation and displaying data in a various formats like bar graphs and analog gauges for instance. Despite the difference in screen sizes, the HMI can be resized to fit the screen without losing quality for high resolution display. Moreover, the eSMART solution can run in client-server mode so that extracted operating information can be accessed via local eSMARTs and via browsers, proving remote monitoring convenience for manufacturers.


Designed for durability and toughness, the eSMART solution has been tested and certified to the industrial control equipment standard UL 508 to ensure functional safety for use in tough industrial environments. Slim and rugged, the eSMART solution provides IP66/NEMA4X-rated protection against water and dust ingress on the front side and can withstand bending during the system integration process.


eSMART Solution Highlights

Hardware Features JMobile Features
4.3"/7"/10.1" TFT color display, LED backlight JMobile runtime fully compatible with JMobile Studio
480 x 272 pixel (WQVGA) resolution, 16.7M colors Extensive support of communication drives for factory automation
Resistive touchscreen Rich symbol gallery and objects
1x RS232/422/485, 1x Ethernet, 1x USB port Full vector graphic supporting SVG graphic objects
Cost efficient HMI with plastic chassis Multilanguage support
Slim design with mounting depth > 30mm Client-server functionality for remote monitoring


Ordering Information

eSMART04N (P/N: 10IE0000408X0)

4.3” widescreen true color TFT WQVGA touchscreen with Ethernet and USB interfaces, JMobile runtime


eSMART07N (P/N: 10IE0000708X0)

7” widescreen true color TFT WVGA touchscreen with Ethernet and USB interfaces, JMobile runtime


eSMART10N (P/N: 10IE0001005X0)

10.1” widescreen true color TFT WSVGA touchscreen with Ethernet and USB interfaces, JMobile runtime


JMobile Studio (P/N: 6014500029X00)

JMobile Studio (HMI project programming software) license label



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For customers from North America, Europe, and Japan, please contact Exor
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