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January 13, 2012

EN50155 Transportation Computer Keeps Trains under Control

EN50155 Transportation Computer Keeps Trains under Control


NEXCOM EN50155 compliant fanless transportation computer nROK 3000, is designed to provide the solid foundation for a wide range of rail control and monitoring systems on rolling stocks. nROK 3000, which has passed numerous environmental tests, can be powered by different power inputs and maintain operation under severe weather conditions, shock and vibration. Yet the rock-solid computer is also easy to maintain. The innovative design which incorporates I/O alignment, configuration options, swappable storage and IP65 protection, makes system management simple. Rapid transit system, metropolitan rail, commuter rail, high speed rail, tram, and heavy rail will make the best use of nROK 3000.


nROK 3000 has undergone rigorous testing based on EN50155 standards. The transportation computer can resist electrical transients and power interruption, withstand summer heat and winter freeze, and support two input voltages: 24V or 110V. It is designed to combat power anomalies, ambient challenges, shock, and vibration and can ensure no damage or failure occurs during operations. Performance, reliability and longevity are impressive even when nROK 3000 is exposed to the rigors of railway environments.


Apart form resilient to hostile operating environments, nROK 3000 is designed to make installation, maintenance, and upgrade simple. I/O options are available on the front side; LAN and USB ports enable remote and local access; the removable SSD tray speeds replacement of storage unit without requiring computer disassembly; and the IP65 chassis will protect the ruggedized transportation computer against water and dust.


Like NEXCOM's market leading VTC Series, nROK 3000 is packed with a multitude of I/O options, network connectivity, and expansibility. It has three LAN ports, three USB ports, DVI-D and COM port; supports GPS function and 3.5G/Wi-Fi expansion; and can be configured with PCI-104 module. Furthermore, I/O connections are securely fixed with locks, averting system breakdown caused by loose ends. This transportation computer will allow drivers to acquire real-time status of electronic devices and oversee the moving train from the driver cab.



Target Application

  • Rail
  • Rapid transit system
  • Metropolitan rail
  • Commuter rail
  • High speed rail
  • Tram
  • Heavy rail

Main Feature

  • Fanless and rugged design
  • Versatile power input of 24V/110V DC with tolerance range
  • Rich I/O interface with secure lock
  • Isolation power and I/O ports design
  • Removable 2.5" SSD tray
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Compliant with IP65 and EN50155

Ordering Information

nROK 3000 (P/N: 10T00300000X1)

Intel® Atom™ D525 fanless railway computer with 24VDC isolation power input

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