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September 22, 2020

Discover the Comfort and Flexibility of NexCOBOT’s TP-100-1 Teach Pendant

NexCOBOT’s new TP-100-1 teach pendant is a universal and user-friendly remote control for all robotic arm brands and automation systems. The device reduces the costs of purchasing proprietary teach pendants for each separate robotic arm on production lines, while utilizing an enhanced, ergonomic layout that allows the operator to comfortably view the screen and grasp the device for hours on end. Users that want to develop their own UI or customize robotic arms have the freedom to do so with additional NexCOBOT solutions, such as the TPUI and NexGRC.


Discover the Comfort and Flexibility of NexCOBOT’s TP-100-1 Teach Pendant


Bigger is better, while simple does it

Modern technological trends take into account simplicity and comfort. The design of the TP-100-1 embraces this with its size, ergonomics, and ruggedization. While the 5-point PCAP touchscreen monitor is technically larger than most other competitors’, the design allows the user to more easily view information, while some buttons ordinarily found on teach pendants can be integrated in the GUI. Membrane keys are located on the lower-right for quick access to customized functions. The ergonomic shape and ruggedization provided by the cover and strap allows users – including left-handers – to stand and hold the teach pendant for longer periods of time. The TP-100-1 also conveniently incorporates a three-position enabling switch (“dead man switch”) and emergency stop for further protection.

Embrace the powerful hardware-software combo

The teach pendant serves as all-inclusive hardware for multiple brands of robotic arms. We’ve even embraced customer feedback in enhancing our newest teach pendant with auxiliary features, such as ruggedized cabling and add-on junction box. When the device is connected to the controller, most ideally with the aforementioned junction box, users can easily move around factory floors worry-free, knowing that it’s IP65-level protected and CE/EMC compliant. The compact junction box easily mounts inside the controller cabinet to receive direct USB/VGA connections and emergency stop/enabling switch signals from the teach pendant. Users can also develop and customize their own UI for each independent robotic device with the TPUI (Teach Pendant User Interface) software. TPUI allows you to edit and run simple programming with the onboard keyboard and point-and-click options. We also provide NexGRC, a NexCOBOT robot software solution, which provides APIs to develop your own robotic control applications.

Main Features

  • 10.1” WXGA 1280x800 500 nit LED panel
  • 5 points projected capacitive touch with full IP65 protection
  • 3-position enabling switch & e-stop button
  • EMC (IEC/EN 61600-2/4) compliance
  • System frame ground protection (GPE) design

Ordering Information

TP-100-1 (P/N: 10IH0010009XF)

10.1” multi-touch teach pendant display

TP-100-1 for TM Plug and Play (P/N: 98ROBO000010F)

Handheld operating teach pendant for TM Robot, users can use TP-100-1 to directly operate TM Robot

TP-100-1 for Omron TM Plug and Play (P/N: 98ROBO000018F)

Handheld operating teach pendant for Omron TM Robot, users can use TP-100-1 to directly operate Omron TM Robot

TP- 100-JB (P/N: 10IH0010008X0)

TP-100-1 Junction Box

External 3M cable for TP-100-1 with grounding (P/N: 686030000004F)

TP-100 Holders (P/N: 685TP0000000F)

Holder for TP-100-1

NexGRC with TPUI (P/N:98ROBO000007)

Robot control with Teach Pendant UI Software Package

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