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July 03, 2014

2014 Solution Day in July/ August/ September at A Glance

2014 Solution Day -Intelligent System / NISE Automation


Event Introduction

NEXCOM Solution Day combines solution showcase, business matchmaking, and successful project sharing to offer complete turn-key solutions. With the rise of Industry 4.0 trend which advocates Internet of Things and Services to streamline production and sales processes in M2M infrastructures, Industry 4.0 achieves the goal of Smart and Green production. In the transformation to an Industry 4.0 factory, NEXCOM provides Intelligent Systems & Services ranging from embedded platform to application ready solutions in both Wintel and ARM SoC architectures and PC-based controller to fieldbus concentrator and control panel solutions.


In the NEXCOM Solution Day, we will present a full spectrum of high-performance, all IP-based automation solutions including NIFE Industrial Fieldbus & SoftPLC Controller, big SCADA solution showcasing industrial fieldbus concentrator, Control panel solutions, and Industrial Wi-Fi solutions. In addition, we will also showcase ISS applied platforms and services including EmbeddedPro, Industrial Fanless Computers, Retail & Kiosk Solutions, and Professional Software Services. NEXCOM will share the vision, insights, strategies and roadmaps to help you win the billion dollar market. Let's team up to mine the gold out of the intelligent world. Please reserve your time for this Solution Day. In return, we promise the great opportunities for growth!


2014 Solution Day in July/ August/ September at A Glance

Event Date Event location Event Topic Event Date
Jul. 15 Bangkok, Thailand Intelligent Systems & Services + NISE Automation Click here
Aug.19 SÃO PAULO, Brazil PC-based Automation Coming soon
Sep. 4 Swiss NISE Automation Coming soon
Sep. 18 Turkey, Istanbul NISE Automation Coming soon



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