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June 05, 2012

-15°C Becomes New Standard on NEXCOM Embedded Boards

NEXCOM has announced that its new embedded boards are now guaranteed to support operating temperatures of between -15 to 60 degree C ; the most commonly used operating temperature range within the IPC industry is 0 to 60 degree C. This new breakthrough will not only apply to embedded platforms utilizing Intel® Atom™ processor E600 and D2000 series, but also extend to Intel® Core™ family processors. This ensures NEXCOM's embedded boards can be flexibly applied in different vertical applications with high-standard reliability and durability.

A Breakthrough in Operating Temperature Support for Embedded Boards

To ensure NEXCOM embedded boards conform to the new operating temperature ranges, the products were exhaustively tested over a 72 hour period at temperatures ranging from -25 to 65 degree C. These tests are designed to ensure compatibility and reliability and included power on-off cycles and cold booting cycles.


The models that meet this enhanced low temperature specification are available for selection now.

3.5" embedded board Mini ITX board PICMG single board COM Express
module board

EBC 353

NEX 604

PEAK 886

ICES 668
EBC 354 NEX 605   ICES 257

EBC 310

NEX 607

  ICES 254
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