8-Channels Isolated Digital I/O with mini-PCIe Interface
  • Main Feature
  • mini-PCIe full size form factor (dimension: 51 x 30mm) revision 1.2 compliant
  • Support adjustable input filter (10µs/1ms/3.2ms/10ms)
  • Fast output response time (within 150µsec)
  • High over-voltage-protection (47 VDC) and voltage isolation (500 VDC)
  • High source current on isolated output channels (200mA/channel)
  • Support factory automation system PC applications (NIFE/NISE)
  • Support -20~60 degree C operating temperature
  • Provide NEXCOM Xcare™ utility 3.1 for NISK-DIO configuration & programming
  • Support Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
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The NISK-DIO includes 8 channels of high-power MOSFET outputs with a 30VDC capability and 8 channels isolated digital inputs, 47V high-voltage protection and easy configuration and efficient programming of the software Xcare™ utility 3.1. For fast output response time and remove noise or chartering signal by adjustable input filter. The NISK-DIO is for industrial applications where factory automation system PC best choice.

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