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October 14, 2021

EMBUX Introduces ELA-MG LoRa Industrial Gateway - Promises to Reach Further

The IoT hype has been around for years. We are seeing an increasing number of efficient applications emerging and thriving, assisting our daily lives to become more convenient and productive. Compared with the better known 5G, LoRa is a promising transmission technology that achieves long range, low cost and low power consumption. With millions of connected devices seen in field applications, covering every sector of the infrastructure, LoRa is gaining its popularity with a larger share in IoT transmission. EMBUX is proud to announce the ELA-MG, an industrial LoRa IoT gateway, and ELA-MA, a serial to LoRa wireless adaptor to further implement IoT applications, perfect for deployment in harsh environments where long-term operation and minimal maintenance are essential. Both models are ideal for deployment in scale at distant sites or hard-to-reach areas for data collection.


EMBUX Introduces ELA-MG LoRa Industrial Gateway - Promises to Reach Further 

Adaptive for smart sensing network

The nature of low power consumption and long range of LoRa has made it a perfect alternative to conventional fixed-line solutions. Extensive applications by various industries have advocated its value to maximize yield and minimize expenses, such as temperature control for retailers and logistics, environment impacts on crop production for agriculture and livestock health tracking for farming, or even the pipeline status monitoring for energy suppliers.

“L” is for long range

An industrial-grade gateway, ELA-MG integrates LoRa wireless communication with comprehensive interfaces to make convenience for bridging with sensors or IoT field applications. ELA-MG has tremendous wireless networking capabilities, with an effective transmission distance of as far as 2 Km, and up to 90% successful transmission rate when paired with ELA-MA. LoRa solution enables perfect cable replacement to transfer RS232 and RS485 wires into long range wireless transmissions. MQTT protocol is an unique feature to the NBIoT model, which is supported by cloud services and implemented to relevant applications without the need for extra development. Both models are easy to setup and maintain, the same is true in terms of scale deployment and cover wide areas for data retrieval and analysis. Lastly, the equipped AES encryption secures end-to-end transmission against data breaches.

Convergence is the future!

With every specific transmission technology finding its place in a large network, IoT transmission is going to see an increasingly diversified division of work in field applications. The characteristics of long range and low power consumption makes LoRa a superstar at endpoints, taking up roles for data collection to the backhaul. The speedy 5G is too much for IoT and more suitable to serve as the transmission to the backbone and the cloud, for data processing and analysis with low-latency experiences. The combination of LoRa and 5G has unveiled a new era of intertwined networks.

Main Features

  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • Long distance (up to 2,000 meters)
  • 9 - 48 V wide DC input range
  • Supports Modbus TCP to RTU conversion
  • Supports MQTT protocol (available in NBIoT model)
  • Versatile interfaces with RS232/RS485 for connection to sensor and field devices
  • Broadcast mode (no pairing required)
  • Up to 255 Bytes per packet
  • Receiving sensitivity: -137 dBm
  • Secured AES encryption in wireless communication
    Unique Features of ELA-MG
  • Fast response (wait times less than 50-150 seconds)
  • Web based management and remote firmware image upgrade
    Unique Features of ELA-MA
  • Serial to LoRa convertor

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Serial to LoRa Wireless Adaptor


LoRa Wireless Gateway


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