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August 11, 2011

VTC 6100 In-Vehicle Computer Makes Belgium Farmers the Happiest

Car PC Application StoryThe benefits of an in-vehicle computer are recognized by Belgian farmers looking for waste disposal solutions. With large farms often containing thousands of beef and dairy cattle, safe and effective disposal of the resulting excrement is essential and a legal requirement. Therefore for truck companies working within the waste disposal industry, the ability to efficiently manage, track, weigh and bill for individual collections is increasingly important.


A leading truck company in Belgium adopts NEXCOM's VTC 6100 in-vehicle computer for its new waste-collection-service. This smart in-vehicle computer can efficiently schedule and track all waste collections. Configured with the truck manufacturer's own patented tank weighing software, the VTC 6100 enables the operator to instantly determine how much waste was collected, without the need to drive to a weighbridge.


In-Vehicle Computer-VTC6110

But what specific features makes the VTC 6100 the ideal solution for this particular application. Firstly the VTC 6100's 3.5G module enables two-way communication, this means that information pertaining to the collection type, weight, date, time, order number, customer name and consignment tracking can be stored and then transmitted back to the main office. In addition, drivers can receive data/records from the office which is displayed on an 8.4" in-vehicle display (VTK33M), which is connected to VTC 6100 via LVDS port with single cable attachment.


Secondly, the in-vehicle computer VTC 6100 has a number of I/O interfaces which enables connection to a wide variety of peripheral devices. In this application, the weighing-scales and the printer are simultaneously connected to the
VTC 6100, thus improving functionality and reducing operating times. Finally, it is harsh and unstable environment that the rugged system is designed for. Thus, VTC 6100 is an optimal fleet management application which usually operates in bumpy or poor road conditions. Other features include a fanless design, power ignition delay control, low-battery protection, e13 mark certification, GPS navigation, and wide operating temperature from -30℃ to 60℃.


By adopting the VTC 6100 into the waste-collect-service, the trucking company not only has access to instant information on the fleet's location and load via 3G, but also saves huge time and money with an on-the-spot weighing facility and fast, accurate monthly billing. Local farmers are also happy because they get an improved service which meets their demands.


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