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October 25, 2011

Dynamic Digital Signage Player NDiS 541 Gets Your Pulse Racing

Dynamic Digital Signage Player NDiS 541 Gets Your Pulse RacingNEXCOM multi-display digital signage player NDiS 541 brings the great thrill of live sport to retail betting outlets in Spain. The custom digital signage system allows the audience to catch all information in one glance, overwhelming the audience with the energy and vitality of live sport. Best of all, it provides enhanced visual experience with good value, assisting the bookmaker to cut installation cost at least by half. In addition, the system with internet capability supports centralized control. It helps the audience grasp every beat of worldwide games while simplifies system management for the bookmaker.

Dynamic Digital Signage Player NDiS 541 Gets Your Pulse Racing

Catch All in One Glance

NDiS 541 running on Genus™ Multiview, the bespoke software developed by British system provider 2DB, supports various layouts and four large LCD screens via HDMI interconnect. Each screen is divided into different zones to show multiple contents. Along with multiple screens stacked together, the digital signage player allows the audience to have access to all information all at once.


In this project, various media contents are displayed on the same screen at the same time. The audience can watch live soccer broadcast on the left side of screen with half an eye on betting odds and upcoming events displayed one the right. Also the screen is separated into parts to cover greyhound races taking place in different racecourses, basketball games, and tennis matches.

Deliver More with Less

The best part of Genus™-based NDiS 541 is that it halves time and cost of system deployment. To show multiple contents, the bookmaker used to set up more than twenty small screens with each connected to single player. By contrast, the new system-utilizing layout and one player to power multiple displays-fulfills entertainment, information, and marketing functions with less hardware. The new solution reduces not only more than 50% of cost of system installation and also system complexity for each betting shop.


Digital Signage Plyaer NDiS 541Though installed in individual retail outlet, this versatile NEXCOM digital signage player is controlled remotely from the head office in Madrid. This connectivity allows system administrators to remotely update betting odds and distribute content to over 60 shops right across Madrid and the Aragon region of Spain.


NEXCOM working jointly with 2DB allows punters at each shop to bet on their chosen sporting event and then check all facts in one view. Moreover, the bookmaker is able to better serve its sports crazed customers with cost-effective system.

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