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October 08, 2019

NEXCOM USA Opens Its Doors as a One Stop Solution Support Partner

NEXCOM USA offers comprehensive manufacturing, logistics and post-sales support services to help partners focus on their core businesses.


For over a decade, NEXCOM USA has been providing ISO 9001 Certified, “Assembled in the U.S.A.” manufacturing, logistics services, and post-sales support.  With its facility capabilities ramped up, NEXCOM USA has announced it will now offer the services to other businesses looking for a one stop solution partner. Its full solution covers a wide array of industries that include, but not limited to, healthcare, networking and communication, smart manufacturing, transportation, robotics, smart retail, surveillance, and education.


NEXCOM USA Opens Its Doors as a One Stop Solution Support Partner


For each new partner NEXCOM USA takes on, it promises to build up the best Customer Focused Team (CFT) for that partner. Depending on the partner’s service needs, the CFT could include a logistics manager, project manager, product manager, RMA/QA engineer, manufacturing engineer and field application engineer. With that CFT comes quality assurance that delivers on consistent quality, regulated workflow and checkpoints on professional standards, and continual improvement, all with the purpose to provide total partner satisfaction.


By partnering with NEXCOM USA, businesses are able to experience reduced manufacturing time, shorter turnaround time, more flexibility such as overtime work if necessary, and reduced transportation costs. NEXCOM USA’s manufacturing services include build-to-order/build-to-stock/configure-to-order manufacturing, software installation, and original design manufacturer/original equipment manufacturer process service, among others. In addition, with assembly done here in the United States, products rolling off one of the six assembly lines can proudly display “Assembled in the U.S.A.” Its logistics services include inventory management, order fulfillment, Kanban (pooling) logistics, end-to-end customer service, resourcing and kitting, and global delivery. Its post-sales support service includes return/exchange RMA, refurbish/repair, engineering change order/rework/debug, white glove onsite, and advance replacement services. With these tasks outsourced to NEXCOM USA, businesses are able to better allocate their resources and direct their focus to areas of core importance.


“From automotive to medical, connected devices or industrial application, NEXCOM USA provides comprehensive one-stop-solution services to help ease the strain on our partners so they can focus their energy on what they do best,” said Eli Tsai, NEXCOM USA Vice President of Operations.


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