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August 20, 2013

NEXCOM SWF Protects Wi-Fi Network Against Zero-day Attacks

A shocking news by CTV, a Taiwan-based news station, on August 12 disclosed that a mobile attack using popular phishing tactics has lured mobile users into downloading an APK file and resulted in user credential leak and potential credit card fraud. This mobile phishing attack was successfully intercepted by a signature database. NEXCOM is proudly to announce that NEXCOM embedded Wi-Fi security appliance SWF 1210 is preinstalled with such database and can protect Wi-Fi network against zero-day attacks.


 NEXCOM SWF Protects Wi-Fi Network Against Zero-day Attacks


NEXCOM SWF 1210 security Wi-Fi access point offers five security features to help small and medium enterprises manage mobile security risks. The five features include Anti Virus, Intrusion Prevention, Application Guard, Web Guard, and Web URL Filtering functions to filter suspicious network traffic. The SWF 1210 can therefore detect and block malware; inspect packet and traffic anomaly; perform user-defined application control; prevent website hijacking; and block and filter websites based on website domain, URL keyword and URL categories.


As the number of mobile user keeps climbing, target attacks directed at smartphones and tablets are increasing. Meanwhile, the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is growing in workplace. To avoid falling victims to mobile attacks, it is essential for enterprises to put mobile security mechanism, such as NEXCOM SWF 1210 in place to intercept mobile attacks. To learn about NEXCOM SWF series, please contact our sales representatives or visit www.nexcom.com

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SWF 1210-EU (P/N: 10SF0121000X0)

SWF 1210-US (P/N: 10SF0121002X0)

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