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February 19, 2014

NEXCOM's Digital Signage Solutions Shone at ISE 2014

NEXCOM's digital signage players took the spotlight at ISE. The real-case demonstrations for retail, food service, education and transportation applications revealed the true value of digital signage, which can facilitate the technology adoption.


NEXCOM's Digital Signage Solutions Shone at ISE 2014


The box media players, NDiS B533 and B324, and OPS media players, NDiS M533 and M324, caught most eyes. Powered by 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors, the NDiS B533 demonstrated powerful computing and graphic performance for use in retail applications. The NDiS B533 showcased how digital signage can interact with and engage targeted audiences at the mobile phone shop and café. ISE visitors were attracted to try and see how digital signage can be activated by event triggers, QR code or NFC to respond to the audience.


For educators, the NDiS M533 and NDiS M324 OPS player demonstration highlighted how these players can facilitate students' learning, elevate viewing experience, and give quick interactive responses. The NDiS M533 delivered 4K Ultra HD contents, which were good to be used in lecture halls. Based on Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900, the NDiS M324 can be plugged into any OPS-complaint display devices to render rich multimedia contents. Taking advantage of the latest Intel technology, the NDiS M324 with accelerated 3D rendering, image processing and video decoding capabilities can replace physical forms of teaching tools and materials with digital contents covering unlimited topics, which was good to be utilized in limited classroom space.


The fanless and compact form factor of NDiS B324 was an ideal choice for entry level players for most buyers. Based on Intel® Celeron® processor J1900, the NDiS B324 demonstrated its capabilities to handle multiple data resources to show live flight information of the Amsterdam airport.


Finally, the video wall player NDiS B862 provided an immersive showcase for multi-display digital menu board for food services. NEXCOM utilized its digital signage software PowerDigiS to show how digital signage can help food services update real-time menu with an instant.

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