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January 12, 2016

NEXCOM Introduces Responsive Store Solution at ISE

NEXCOM will demonstrate a customer centric responsive store using NEXCOM's digital signage players at the 2016 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition, taking place at Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands from February 9 to February 12. Visitors will also be introduced to NEXCOM's specialties in digital signage applications that echo to the demand of a better viewer experience.

NEXCOM Introduces Responsive Store Solution at ISE

Shopping experience is composed of a cycle of attracting attention, engaging interest, triggering action, and retaining loyalty. Responsive store aims to provide better shopping experience while giving retailers insights into customers' behaviors in order to increase customers' satisfaction and boost sales. At 2016 ISE, NEXCOM will showcase a responsive store scenario with various bundled technologies, helping bricks-and-mortar retailers to shape new landscape.

Attract Attentions

To begin with, NEXCOM high performance digital signage player NDiS B535 will carry out image fusion with image capture technology at the storefront to catch shoppers' eyes.

Engage Interest

Following the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, NEXCOM adopts beacon technology to enable retailers to offer store navigation services and push notifications such as personalized promotions or information to engage shoppers.

Trigger Action

To trigger purchases, NEXCOM utilizes AVA (anonymous video analytics) at shelf management, and virtual reality and RFID technologies at virtual fitting rooms. The NDiS B535 running AVA technology can trigger shelf displays to show personalized advertising content to the target audience while NDiS B325 linked to the inventory system can control electronic shelf labels to offer dynamic pricing. The virtual fitting room application is supported by the powerful NDiS M535 OPS player to provide an immersive 360-degree virtual reality experience. Integrated with RFID, the mirror will be activated and show how the outfit fits into the viewer's figure when the selected garment is picked. Viewers can try on clothes to check size and style virtually, making the shopping experience easier and pleasant.

Retain Loyalty

At checkouts or customer service centers, special offerings, upcoming events, or loyalty program messages can be broadcasted out through NDiS B535 to retain customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Exploit Business Intelligence

To this end, brick-and-mortar retailers can further exploit the values of business intelligence at the responsive environment. The powerful NDiS B535 based on 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors can act as a microserver to collect insights to help savvy retailers offer better shopping experience and boost sales in the highly-competitive retail environment.

More Specialties

At the store's shuttle bus station, the rugged, semi-outdoor signage NDiS A322 can offer not only routes, bus schedules and weather reports, but also timely information to the shoppers. The all-in-one panel PC NDiS A322 features IP54-rated front bezel, wide operating temperature, and tempered glass display to ensure high reliability and availability. Last but not least, NEXCOM will have a transparent display and a hologram display demonstrating as a retail display window for showcasing luxurious products.


Kindly invite you to NEXCOM's booth at ISE 2016 to experience our broad range of responsive store solutions.

Event Details

  • Date: February 9-12, 2016
  • Exhibition Center: Netherlands Exhibition Center, Amsterdam RAI
  • Booth: Hall 8, No. 8K248
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