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March 18, 2013

NEXCOM Integrates Major Fieldbus Technologies to Woo 70% of Factory Automation System Integration Users

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NEXCOM has announced innovative NEXCOM Industrial Fieldbus Embedded Computer (NIFE) Series, which integrates widely-used industrial master Fieldbus interfaces including PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT to communicate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from major brand-name suppliers. The unprecedented integration is brought about by NEXCOM’s strength in developing fanless industrial automation computers and the company’s alliance with Hilscher, a world’s leading expert in industrial communication. This vertical technology integration gives rise to highly reliable factory automation solutions which can work in conjunction with most of brand-name control systems, reducing costs by at least 30 percent for users while solving the common incompatibility issue arising from system integration.

In the factory automation sector, Siemens and Allen Bradley are two leading PLC suppliers. Yet, the Fieldbus technologies provided by system integrators are dedicated to a single brand. “NEXCOM Industrial Fieldbus Embedded Computer (NIFE) Series can integrate master Fieldbus interfaces in accordance with a customer’s existing PLCs. The protocols we support include PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT. This unprecedented integration can change the business model of Taiwan’s industrial computer (IPC) industry by meeting the IPC and PLC integration requirement of nearly 70 percent of users.” said Joe Lin, General Manager of NEXCOM’s Industrial Computing Solutions Business Unit. NEXCOM not only provides one-shop convenience but also solves the hardware-incompatibility issue, yielding more than 30 percent of savings on backend system deployment, explained Lin.

NEXCOM is specialized in hardware development and manufacturing and allies with Hilscher, a world’s leading expert in industrial communication. “Combining NEXCOM industrial automation computer and Hilscher industrial communication technology can take the system integration to a brand new level, making a factory automation solution more cost-effective” said Armin Pühringer, Area Sales Manager APAC at of Hilscher GmbH. NEXCOM has built its reputation on industrial computers and based on which developed various compact industrial automaton platforms by integrating Hilscher leading edge Fieldbus technology and real-time Ethernet systems.

Together with high software compatibility, these compact industrial automaton platforms put its excellent computing power to good use and demonstrate intelligence of a connected network. In addition, functionality of industrial automaton platforms is enhanced to support a wide spectrum of automation control equipment and therefore fulfill different customer requirements for intelligent applications.

“NEXCOM are dedicated to providing market specific technologies to vertical markets and exchanges industrial knowledge and know-how with experts across fields. We develop solutions that continuously respond to market demands and that is how we sustain a double-digit growth year after year” added Lin. In addition, NEXCOM also partners Schneider Electric, an industrial automation giant which develops the world-famous SCADA software Citect with full support for Fieldbus interface drivers. Customers can benefit from a total solution which combines NEXCOM, Hilscher and Schneider Electric product.

NEXCOM, collaborating with Hilscher and key partners, has launched NEXCOM Industrial Fieldbus Embedded Computer (NIFE) Series. The NIFE series are based on NEXCOM well-known NISE industrial automation computer and Panel PC, which are suitable for HMI used in both light and heavy manufacturing industries, integrates assorted Fieldbus technologies and application software and therefore can address the real market needs.

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