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March 11, 2013

NEXCOM Factory Automation, Machine Automation and Industrial Wireless Solutions Debuts at Hannover Messe 2013

NEXCOM has broadened its Industrial Automation portfolios with Factory automation, Machine Automation and Industrial Wireless offerings, aimed to build the infrastructure for an Ethernet-connected factory. Mirroring the trend of an intelligent world, a connected factory will enable raw data to be exchanged over the network and translated into valuable information, helping enterprises make insightful decision and therefore increase competiveness in fast-paced industries. At Hannover Messe 2013, from April 8th to April 12th, NEXCOM will showcase a plethora of exciting technologies of industrial automation.

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A Connected Factory Based on Ethernet Network

Factories are more and more connected in a push for efficiency in factory operation and management. With this goal in mind, NEXCOM PC-based automation controller NISE series fanless computer supports a wide range of fieldbus interfaces to establish communication channels between factory floor and factory central room. Timely and remotely, field devices can be monitored and controlled over Ethernet network while factory operators can perform predictive maintenance and real-time diagnostics based on the field data derived from all over the factory. At this show, NEXCOM will demonstrate market-proven models NISE 3600 series and brand-new design excellency NISE 4000 series in factory automation applications.


Machine Automation Designed for Speed and Precision

On the factory floor, machine automation relies on industrial computers more than ever when evolving to carry out various control schemes and complex collaborative control. Leveraging NEXCOM's highly reliable NISE fanless computers, NEXCOM Motion Control Solution NexMotion series-NET series, MAC series and PAC series- is designed for a wide range of control including distributed control, deterministic control, multi-axis multitasking control and multi-axis full closed-loop control. At this show, you can spot the NexMotion series puts a premium on speed, precision and Ethernet connection and therefore is suited for fast-paced manufacturing industries.


Flexible Wireless Network Meets Connection Need

To expand the network in line with dynamic factory environment, a wireless network that allows for easy and quick deployment is often chosen over a wired network. To meet the need of network expansion, NEXCOM Industrial wireless IWF series offers the industrial-leading Wi-Fi connection speed, extendable network coverage, traffic load balancing and layers of security protection in addition to simplicity in network deployment. The IWF series is designed to help construct a quality, reliable, secure and easy-to-manage wireless network whilst saving cabling cost by its wireless nature. Also, boosting mobility is another advantage the IWF series offers.


Event Details

Date: April 8-12, 2013
Exhibition Center: Convention Center, Hannover, Germany
Booth: Hall 9, D09

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