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May 04, 2016

NEXCOM Digital Signage Software PowerDigiS Boosts Customer Satisfaction for SMB Retailers

NEXCOM has released the free edition of its digital signage management software, PowerDigiS, to help enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales revenue for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the retail industry. NEXCOM's PowerDigiS software features a web-based remote management console and a user-friendly interface, allowing SMB retailers to manage digital signage contents with just a few clicks.

NEXCOM Digital Signage Software PowerDigiS Boosts Customer Satisfaction for SMB Retailers

To accelerate the launch of marketing campaigns, PowerDigiS offers several layout templates to simplify the design of digital signage contents. Using PowerDigiS's content editing tool, SMB retailers can quickly create a customized layout based on a built-in template which can be edited, saved and reused afterwards. After a layout is created, SMB retailers can drag and drop existing content files to each zone in the layout to create different content playlists for different zones. Individual content files and the whole presentation design can be previewed before being uploaded to on-premise digital signage players or central management servers.


For ease of content management, distribution, and scheduling, NEXCOM PowerDigiS provides a remote management console which can be accessed through a web browser. On-premise digital signage players and a digital signage network can be managed from a distance without onsite visits, which enables SMB retailers to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.


"PowerDigiS is user-friendly software designed to address a broad spectrum of digital signage applications. Real-time in-store promotions, dynamic digital menu boards in quick service restaurants (QSRs), and corporate communications for enterprises are some applications that can benefit from PowerDigiS by running digital contents with reduced time and costs," says Jenny Shern, Assistant Vice President of NEXCOM Interactive Signage Platform Business Unit. "NEXCOM encourages all SMB retailors to download the free edition of PowerDigiS from www.alliotcloud.com to experience how this software can amplify your channel presence, boost customer satisfaction, and increase profits."

Main Features

  • Various media format support including video, audio, flash, graphic, ticker, RSS news feed, TV tuner
  • Pre-defined layout template support
  • Play log and report available
  • Cross-platform web management console
  • Content synchronization across different zones (Advanced version)
  • Multi-output, independent content, combined screen support (Advanced version)
  • Location-based, touch screen interactive trigger event support (Advanced version)
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