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January 19, 2021

EMBUX’s Azure Sphere EAS-M1 and EAS-50 Take IoT Ecosystem Security to New Heights

The all-in-one answer to all of your IoT security needs is here with EMBUX’s EAS-M1 and EAS-50 Azure Sphere product series. The plug-and-play EAS-M1 and EAS-50 both offer all-encompassing hardware-software combinations, with built-in connectivity options, to ensure that your IoT ecosystem operates seamlessly and efficiently. Whether your IoT devices are “greenfield” (built for IoT connectivity) or “brownfield” (legacy equipment that isn’t connected), our Azure Sphere devices provide top-of-the-line security features to ensure environments are properly networked and well protected against possible attacks.


The NIO 31 is the Gateway to Both Serial and Modbus Data Support  

The Azure Sphere system revolutionizes IoT security

Microsoft developed the Azure Sphere system as a comprehensive IoT security solution that includes a certified and secured MCU and cloud-based security service. Deploying the Azure Sphere system on new and existing IoT devices and equipment means continuous updating, powerful controls, and remote monitoring for increased productivity and safety. With renewable ten-year service contracts, Azure Sphere provides “defense in depth” with multiple layers of protection, deployment flexibility in both new and existing equipment, over-the-air (OTA) updates every three months, and error reporting and automatic security updates to help you stay ahead. EMBUX is pleased to offer the EAS-50, an IIoT security gateway, and EAS-M1, a “guardian module” (add-on hardware that incorporates Azure Sphere MCU), both of which are guaranteed to simplify and secure your IoT architecture.

EAS-50: gateway to the IIoT future

Starting from scratch in creating an IIoT ecosystem? Easily connect all of your greenfield devices to the Internet via the EAS-50 security gateway. The EAS-50 comes with two COM ports and mini-PCIe socket. For added convenience, two LAN ports (including PoE 802.11af and Azure Sphere Ethernet jacks) allow the EAS-50 to act as client and IoT hub for other wireless IoT equipment – as well as easily upload to the Microsoft Azure cloud. With its guardian function, Azure Sphere talks directly to the cloud, avoiding exposure to attack when performing authentication operations.

EAS-M1: guardian to all of your existing IIoT devices

EMBUX is the first in the field to produce a mPCIe form factor guardian module in the EAS-M1, allowing brownfield devices to connect to and integrate into networks. The Azure Sphere-certified chip not only consumes less power and is more compact, but it also separates the device from the network and then connects directly to the network, thus protecting the device and software from attack. The EAS-M1 incorporates 2.4G/5GHz Wi-Fi service, and also provides Bluetooth and three GPIOs for additional connectivity. Finally, the wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C ensures that it can function in a variety of harsh environments

EMBUX provides total solutions

With all of our Microsoft Azure Sphere solutions, we package proprietary software to smoothly transition into using our devices. Our EmWatch utility helps you quickly set up and configure your device, while also providing firmware upgrades when needed. We also include IoT software: our web-based GUI HiveX system is an integrated OT/IT connectivity studio package composed of NexUA, Yocto Docker, and IoT Studio. IoT Studio is our drag-and-drop gateway to IoT industrial flow and project management, helping you deploy from gateway to Azure cloud services with just one click.

EAS-50 Main Features

  • 1 x 10/100M Ethernet with PoE
  • 1 x Full-size mini-PCIe card interface
  • 3 x LED
  • 1 x 10/100M Azure Sphere Ethernet
  • 1 x RS485
  • 1 x RS232

EAS-M1 Main Features

  • Wi-Fi 4: 2.4/5G
  • EmWatch configuration tool
  • 3 x GPIO for remote control
  • USB signal with full-size mini-PCIe card interface
  • Wi-Fi protected access: WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • Bluetooth core specification 5.0

Ordering Information

EAS-50 (P/N: 10T000EAS00X0)

Azure Sphere Security Gateway

EAS-M1 (P/N: 10T000EAS01X0)

Azure Sphere Guardian Module


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