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April 09, 2024

NEXCOM’s New Software-Defined Edge Computing Solutions at Embedded World 2024

Empowering OT and IoT With Embedded OS and Cloud-To-Edge
Microservices for Enhanced Edge AI


Nürnberg, Germany, – April 9th, 2024 – NEXCOM will highlight AIC OT-X, the latest software-defined edge computing OS for embedded IoT devices, at Embedded World 2024 in Nürnberg, Germany, at Hall 5, Booth 5-253, from April 9 to 11, 2024. The experienced edge and IoT manufacturer, returning to Embedded World after ten years, will be showing a range of products ideal for 5G, industrial IoT, transportation AI, smart city and more – with an emphasis on Edge AI, OT Cybersecurity, and carbon footprint management.



SD Edge Computing With AIC OT-X Embedded IoT OS

Developed by NEXCOM, AIC OT-X is a powerful new embedded IoT OS that can be run on x86 platforms as an OT (operational technology) and IoT integrated gateway, and offers intuitive development of software-defined edge computers. AIC OT-X features a modern container-based architecture and optimizes size, performance and usability.


AIC OT-X bridges the gap between OT, IT, and IoT, converging applications and microservices running on edge devices. Industrial computers with AIC OT-X can be converted to software components easily. The OS allows intuitive deployment of Docker images from the cloud to the edge, with simple extension of microservices for OT and AI applications.



Fanless OT Security Appliance With Dual 5G

In addition to AIC OT-X, NEXCOM will be showing a wide range of other innovative products at Embedded World 2024. NEXCOM’s ISA 141 is a compact fanless OT security appliance that is ideal for situations that need excellent wireless and wired connectivity. Based around an efficient quad-core Intel® Atom™ CPU, this product features three 1GbE ports for network connectivity, with one combo port. It supports dual Wi-Fi and dual 5G to offer seamless connectivity and wireless protection for OT machines, plus IoT sensors, AGVs/AMRs, and other essential equipment for Industry 4.0. The DIN rail design means the ISA 141 can be easily embedded into existing network infrastructure. The out-of-band (OOB) functions for remote management greatly reduce maintenance workload for OT/IT personnel.



Manufacturing, Edge AI, and eSAF OT/IIoT Cybersecurity

NEXCOM’s NISE 3910 series, with Intel 12th /13th generation Core™ CPU, is an excellent choice for edge AI applications, and also a perfect platform to bridge OT to IT, as a gateway and edge server all in one. NISE 3910 provides a reliable solution for various applications, from industrial systems to data centers. Complementing these products. NEXCOM’s TMRTEK eSAF OT Security Solution provides hardware and software to secure OT and IIoT systems. This comprehensive cross-network package offers options for real-time threat analysis, detection and prevention and robust firewall protection. It also guards against viruses, ransomware, hacking attacks, and more.



Edge AI Railway Computing, Slim Bezel Panel PCs

Modern urban infrastructure must operate efficiently, but securely. In partnership with Kodifly, a Hong Kong based spatial intelligence company, NEXCOM has deployed the Intelligent Railway Infrastructure System (IRIS) on the Hong Kong Railway network. This system provides efficient and safe infrastructure management, detecting hazards before they can become dangerous. NEXCOM’s product, the ATC 3750-A6CR, is a robust edge AI railway computer based on the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ system-on-module. It connects high-resolution cameras and LiDAR sensors with PoE LAN ports as the image and Point Cloud Data (PCD) inputs for machine vision.




Moving on to solving enterprise pain points, NEXCOM also unveils its AI-powered XPPC Series. Featuring XPPC10-200, XPPC16-200, and XPPC24-200 slim bezel panel PCs for interactive applications, these solutions ensure quick deployment. The XPPC-200 Intel® Core™ Series PCAP Touch PPC integrates AI for data processing, IoT connectivity, and digital transformation, addressing customer needs. This innovation visualizes data in real-time, streamlines decision-making, and propels operational efficiency to new heights, offering personalized services and predictive insights.

Event Details and Demonstrations

NEXCOM looks forward to meeting friends, customers and partners at Embedded World 2024. Products and solutions will be available for viewing and demonstration at the NEXCOM booth.


Live demos at the NEXCOM booth will include Transportation AI: Train Blindspot Detection with Panoramic AI, Smart City: Access Control at Smart Port, OT Cybersecurity: Cyber Attack Solution for OT Security, and the Green Manufacturing: Carbon Footprint Traceability System. At the booth, NEXCOM will demo its ISO14067:2018 standard Carbon Footprint Traceability System, to track real-time emissions and carbon footprint for the whole subsidiary booth area.

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