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April 02, 2012

Digital Signage Entices Your Taste Buds

Digital Signage Entices Your Taste BudsAlready the world's largest restaurant chain, SUBWAY® with more than 36,000 restaurants across 99 countries, is still taking every step to stimulate customer appetites. SUBWAY® TV & RADIO, which is made up of NEXCOM's fanless 1080P media players NDiS 161 and Real Digital Media's NEOCAST® digital signage platform, serves as a powerful communication medium for helping SUBWAY® franchisees better inform customers of available options and enhance in-store customer experiences. 


Digital Signage Entices Your Taste Buds


Restaurants pose many environmental challenges. With long restaurant operating hours and variable temperatures, SUBWAY® TV & RADIO required a robust solution that could withstand these conditions to ensure the successful playback of their promotional content, especially during peak times. Furthermore, due to the scale of the network rollout, SUBWAY® required a future-proofed hardware solution that could meet the demands of today as well as tomorrow, and could warranty against premature obsolescence.


SUBWAY® selected the NEXCOM fanless 1080P media player NDiS 161 to meet these challenges.


Digital Signage Player NDiS161One of the keys to ensuring the reliable playback in a restaurant environment is to select a robust, hardened media player appliance. One of the essential aspects of these types of media players is a fanless design. Fanless architecture deters environmental intruders, thereby increasing the durability and lifespan of the media players and protecting SUBWAY® franchisees' investments.


Additionally, the NDiS 161 is NEXCOM's high-definition media player. As SUBWAY® content and digital signage application demands increase, the NDiS 161 will be able to support these challenges without requiring SUBWAY® to install new hardware. Delivered pre-loaded with the Real Digital Media NEOCAST® embedded player software, the NDiS 161 media players arrive on site ready to "plug and play". Combined with a multi-year service support contract, SUBWAY® has a technically robust and supported solution to ensure the success of their global rollout.


SUBWAY® TV & RADIO is poised to become the largest digital signage network in the world. At the core of this network will be the NEXCOM fanless 1080P media player NDiS 161. Built to last, this solution is aimed to help companies like SUBWAY® have confidence in their network infrastructure, so they can deliver their messaging more efficiently and serve customers better.


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