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April 03, 2012

Cinema Chain Relies on NDiS 161 for Immersive Visual Environment

Digital Signage Entices Your Taste BudsRave Cinemas, the fifth largest theater circuit in the US by box office gross and number of screens is rolling out digital signage across its 67 locations. Offering both information and entertainment, the digital signage will create immersive and rich visual experience for their guests that begin when they walk in the doors of the cinema.


To map out a seamless digital experience, Rave has replaced LED box office signs with digital displays that are integrated with box office systems. Wayfinding displays in the lobby help moviegoers locate the right auditorium for their desired film, and provide the status of the auditorium (e.g., Seating, Cleaning, Now Showing). The concession stand menu boards provide dynamic promotions and suggestions for movie refreshments. Digital coming attraction posters incorporate Full HD video trailers into the traditional design.

1080P media player, Digital Signage Player - NDiS 161


What creates the immersive digital experience is Real Digital Media's enterprise class NEOCAST® platform, backboned on location by NEXCOM's NDiS 161 media players. For flawless playout of high definition content, support of all required file formats and high reliability, NEXCOM NDiS 161 media player was chosen by Real Digital Media and Rave.


NDiS 161 can display text, rich media, and high definition 1080P video, providing more engaging content as compared to traditional static backlit billboards. The fanless design of the NDiS 161 provides protection against dust ingress, requiring minimal care and providing very high reliability and a long service life.


Network connectivity is another quality of NDiS 161. Though racked centrally in the theaters' server room, the NEXCOM media players are managed remotely from Rave's operations center in Dallas, TX. Rave can therefore monitor, update, and manage digital signage from more than a thousand miles away.


Cinema is about all aspects of sensations. With full support for high definition content and assorted file formats, high reliability and network connectivity, NEXCOM NDiS 161 media player outputs content that enchants moviegoers and provides an outstanding entertainment experience to the sleepless city of Las Vegas, where digital signage is widely deployed around the city.


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