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Customization to Order Service

NEXCOM provide Customization to order service base-on our CRB carrier board design, our in-house RD design team and our global design partner may work together to jointly design and manufacture a COM modular computing with carrier board architecture.

NEXCOM's COM + Customer's Designed Base Board (CTOS) NEXCOM CTOS process to customize Carrier Board

  • Support spec-in documentation and kick-off project
  • Schematics/ Placement and Layout review for prototyping
  • Validation and testing pilot run samples for system functional approval
  • Volume-base production, quality approval and global logistic service
  • Life cycle, repair service and end-of-life product management
  • Next generation product and new spec-in planning and management

CTOS project management by gating and checkpoints Kick-off > Placement > Layout > Prototyping > Validation > Pilot Run > Compatibility Test > Customer Approval > Revision Control > Certification Report > Life Cycle Management >


 Customization to Order Service
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