FWA over 5G uCPE

Cross-platform Solutions for Powerful Connectivity and Real-time Data Processing
  • Main Feature
  • User-Defined Container Apps
    - Open-Source Apps (Docker/QEMU/KVM/Kubernetes)
    - Self-Developed/Customized Apps
  • User-Centric Interaction
    - Intuitive GUI
    - 260+ RESTful APIs
  • Cross-Platform Hardware Selection
    - Intel Atom/NXP Layerscape
  • Omni Network Connectivity
    - Wired (1/2.5/10GbE ports)
    - Wireless (5G FR1 & FR2; Wi-Fi 5 & 6)
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NEXCOM offers versatile cross-platform desktop solutions with a stack of Networking OS, tailored for various FWA applications. Users can choose from x86 or RISC-based platforms with different configurations, based on CPU core count, port count, connectivity, and PoE support.


The quick setup process allows users to save time. The application layer supports Docker, QEMU/KVM, Kubernetes, and self-developed apps. Supported applications include load balancing, cybersecurity, SD-WAN, network slicing, OTA PoE control, and more.

System Architecture

FWA over 5G uCPE - System Architecture


Software Building Blocks

FWA over 5G uCPE - Software Building Blocks

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