FWA over 5G uCPE

Cross-platform Solutions for Powerful Connectivity and Real-time Data Processing
  • Main Feature
  • User-Defined Container Apps
    - Open-Source Apps (Docker/QEMU/KVM/Kubernetes)
    - Self-Developed/Customized Apps
  • User-Centric Interaction
    - Intuitive GUI
    - 260+ RESTful APIs
  • Cross-Platform Hardware Selection
    - Intel Atom/NXP Layerscape
  • Omni Network Connectivity
    - Wired (1/2.5/10GbE ports)
    - Wireless (5G FR1 & FR2; Wi-Fi 5 & 6)
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Date Description Version OS Download
2023-10-20 Solution Sheet Windows 2.17MB
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