NSA 5181

Intel® Coffee Lake-S Xeon® Processors (LGA1151)1U Rackmount with 4 LAN Modules
  • Main Feature
  • 1U rackmount workstation system
  • Intel® Coffee Lake-S Xeon® processors (LGA1151)
  • Support DDR4 2666 DIMM x 4
  • Support IPMI 2.0 remote management
  • Four LAN module slots
  • Support LCM module (optional)
  • Support internal 2.5”, mSATA and M.2 storage
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NSA 5181 (P/N: 10S00518100X0 )
Intel® Coffee Lake-S, Xeonl® E processor with 4 x DDR4 DIMM, 4 x LAN modules, IPMI and redundant PSU


Model P/N Controller Interface Type Port Number Bypass/Segment Expansion Slot Location Slot
NX 140F 10S20140F01X0 XL710-BM1 PCIe x8 4 SFP+ None None 1,2
NX 120F 10S20120F00X0 X710-BM2 PCIe x8 2 SFP+ None None 1,2
NI 140F 10SK000NI02X0 i350AM4x1 PCIe x8 4 SFP None None All Slot
NI 180F 10S10180F01X0 i350AM4x2 PCIe x8 8 SFP None None 2, 3, 4
NI 180C 10S10180C01X0 i350AM4x2 PCIe x8 8 Copper None None 2, 3, 4
NI 140C 10S10140C01X0 i350AM4x1 PCIe x8 4 Copper None None All Slot
NI 184CX1 10S10184C08X0 I350AM4x2 PCIe x8 8 Copper 4 bypass None 2,3,4
NI 142CX1 10S10142C09X0 I350AM4x1 PCIe x8 4 Copper 2 bypass None All Slot


NSA 5181  I/O

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