MVS 5600-IP

In-Vehicle IP65-rated Box Computer
  • Main Feature
  • IP65-rated rugged design
  • Intel® Core™ dual core i7-6600U/i3-6100U (Skylake)
  • 9~36VDC with ignition control
  • Built-in GPS with optional dead reckoning
  • Up to 2WLAN or two 3G/LTE via 3 mini-PCIe slots
  • Electrical isolation for CAN 2.0B & GPI/O
  • Optional OBD function (SAE J1939/J1708)
  • Rich and various GbE, USB 2.0/3.0, serial I/O and storages
  • Compliant to E-mark and ISO 7637-2
  • Compliant to MIL-STD-810G in vibration/shock
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Date Description Version OS Download
2019-05-29 CE Windows 0.18MB
2019-05-29 Emark Windows 0.2MB
2019-05-29 FCC Windows 0.11MB
Date Description Version OS Download
2019-05-29 Audio Windows 216.92MB
2019-05-29 Chipset Windows 2.67MB
2019-05-29 Graphics Windows 272.56MB
2019-05-29 IRST Windows 12.8MB
2019-05-29 LAN Windows 14.17MB
2019-05-29 ME Windows 117.85MB
2019-05-29 SDK Windows 6.86MB
2019-05-29 USB 3.0 Windows 8.29MB
2019-05-29 USB to COM Windows 2.78MB
Manual (Please Contact Sales)
Date Description Version OS Download
2019-05-29 User Manual
(Datasheet Only)
Windows 0.57MB
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