XcareBoT is a ChatBoT that running on Microsoft Teams platform, It can help to remote monitor gateway running status. It also be your virtual assistant to update the CNC machine menu or upload the logs to Azure Cloud. The Logs data will be used to setup another CNC machine or for maintenance use. XcareBoT is integrated with Microsoft Teams platform, communication is using Azure Sphere protocol, it is totally secured by Microsoft.
  • Main Feature
  • Remote monitoring gateway & gaining insights
  • Virtual assistant for gateway devices
  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams platform
  • Stable connection with Azure Cloud
  • Communicated with gateway by Xcare service
  • Security protected by Azure Sphere module*
  • Personalized agent application**
  • * Azure Sphere Module have Mini-PCI and USB interface
  • ** Agent application need customized with IoT Studio
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Manage Add a new device
Add a new gateway or Azure Sphere device
Assign device
Assign a gateway for management
Buy device
Buy a new gateway or Azure Sphere device module
Buy credits
Buy credit for Azure access, default have 30 credits
Control Running check
Ping the gateway and return a screen shot to see if system is running
Hardware reset
Reset the gateway
System recovery
Restore the system to default setting
Personalized APP Device information
Gateway information
System logs
Gateway logs
Customized function
Customized function, default is PLC demo: monitor and control PLC devices
Support OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32-bit/64-bit Ubuntu 18.04/20.04
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