ICEK 8060-T6 (EOL)

COM Express Type 6 Starter-Kit Integrated COM Express Compact or Basic Module Bootable mini-SATA/ CFast-SSD on ICEB8060 with 10.4” LCD and Flex-ATX 110/220V AC input
  • Main Feature
  • COM Express Type 6, COM.0, Rev2.0 Evaluation Starter-Kit
  • COM Express Compact or Basic Modules with passive or active fan-sink
  • Bootable mini-SATA/ CFast-SSD with 10.4” LCD/ 18-bit LVDS Display
  • PCIex16, PCIex4, 2x PCIex1, 1x PEG/ DDI/ SDVO and mini-PCIe for Wi-Fi
  • 3xDDI/ 4xUSB3.0/ 2x SATA3.0/ 6x COM/ VGA/ LVDS/ 2x GbE/ 5.1 Audio S/PDIF
  • Integrated Flex-ATX PSU for AC 110/220V Input
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NEXCOM ICEK8060-T6 as proof-of-concept as pre- configured system of COM Express starter-kit join- design- win assistance package based on COM Express type 6, pin-out defined by PICMG, COM.0 Rev. 2.0 specification. NEXCOM configure and assembly to order service with COM Express Type 6 Basic Module (125x 95mm) like ICES667 or ICES668 with active heat-sink for embedded processors up to i7-3610QE or i7-3615QE (2x 2.3Ghz/ 6MB/ max. TDP 45W) of Intel® 3rd. Generation Core™ i7/ i5/ i3 processors to adapt wide range of Industrial and embedded applications.


ICEK8060-T6 features bootable CFast/ SSD from external access or mini-SATA/ SSD via mini-PCIe slot (half-/ full-size slot) from internal build-in onto ICEB8060 ICEK8060-T6 also support legacy SATA 2.0 as bootable interfaces. ICEK8060-T6 support added-on card slots of 1x PCIex16, 1x PCIex4, 2x PCIex1 and 1x DDI (port B/ SDVO/ DP/ HDMI) slot may adapt our add-in EBK-A2HDMI (HDMI/ DP) for your evaluation of three independent displays during project development.


  • Faster system Time-to-market: ICEK8060-T6 as Type 6 starter-kit as pre-configured system ready to help your system design customer to reduce total development cycle time from our proof-of-concept and design-assistance support for your target OS and applications.


  • Various CPU SKUs support Intel® 3rd. generation Intel® Core™ i7/ i5/ i3, Celeron Mobile processors supported by COM Express Type 6 Basic module (125x 95mm) like ICES667 or ICES668


  • Longevity for your multi-generation durable equipment: Once you pre-tested your OS and Application onto our ICEK8060-T6 starter-kit, You may easy to design your own customized I/O carrier solution board which you may adapt multiple COM Express modules for your target application.
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