eSAF Platform Manager Plant Edition

Industrial Field Assets and OT Systems Guardian
  • Main Feature
  • Asset Assessment: Tracking equipment asset status, and evaluating vulnerability risks
  • Threat Intelligence: Establishing the correlation of cybersecurity incidents, and behavior analysis reporting
  • Cyber Threat Indicators: Provide real-time security status of equipment
  • Micro-segmentation: Create smaller monitoring zones and prevent further spread
  • Add-on deployment: Minimal Impact on existing environment, flexible deployment
  • Multi-Domain Adaptability: Smart factories, transportation, healthcare and critical infrastructure
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P-1000 (eSAF Platform Manager) Security Analysis and Insight Center (Performance) - Support up to 30 Nodes (eSAF Frontier X/V) - Native Security Dashboard and CTI correlation - AI-enhanced Behavior Analysis and Threat Hunting - 3rd Party SOC/SIEM Integration - Hardware specification (Please refer to
Model P/N With OLED P/N Digital Input Digital Output Analogs Input Other
nDAS6000 10ND0600000X0 10ND0600001X0 - - - -
nDAS6017 10ND0601700X0 10ND0601701X0 - - 8-ch, 24-bit -
nDAS6050 10ND0605000X0 10ND0605001X0 8-ch,0~±3V
±10~±30V DC
8-ch, 500mA - -
nDAS6051 10ND0605100X0 10ND0605101X0 8-ch,0~±3V
±10~±30V DC
- - -
nDAS6056 10ND0605600X0 10ND0605601X0 - 8-ch, 500mA - -
V-100 (eSAF Frontier) Comprehensive Visibility for OT and IIoT Network - 2 x 1GbE RJ45 - Micro-segmentation and Network & Host Monitoring - Behavior Baseline; Protocol Misuse and Traffic Anomaly Detection - Statistical Security Analysis for Industrial Protocols - Hardware specification (Please refer to
X-100 (eSAF Frontier) Plug-n-Play Cross-Network Protection for IT and OT - Intrusion Prevention Engine - Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Virus Engine - Virtual Patching for Well-known Vulnerabilities and Exploits
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